The Atlantic: Can the House Freedom Caucus Avoid a Clash With Trump?

All Republicans want for Christmas is to cut regulations…

“Life is about to get way more interesting—and potentially a lot more boring—for the House Freedom Caucus. After a couple of free-wheeling years as Congress’s bratty, bomb-lobbing obstructionists, the conservative diehards will soon face a topsy-turvy political landscape: unified Republican rule led by a president whose anti-establishment, blow-the-system-to-smithereens shtick makes the fractious legislators look positively staid.

Looking to juice the process, just before Congress fled for the holiday break, Meadows’s office compiled a Christmas wish list for the incoming president, consisting of 228 rules and regulations the Freedom Caucus would like revoked ASAP. The list covers everything from trucking regulations to alternative-energy mandates to school lunch requirements. Two top targets Meadows points to: the Overtime Rule, which ups the number of Americans eligible for overtime pay, and the Fiduciary Rule, which expands the categories of financial professionals who are classified as “fiduciaries” and thus bound by stricter standards when advising clients.”

Full article here.


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