Reuters: Obamacare repeal would cost New York state at least $3.7 billion: governor

The Affordable Care Act isn’t perfect, it’s still learning how to walk, the communication between health insurance plans and the state health exchange can be a nightmare — I spent 3 days calling my new health insurance and spoke with 8 different people this week just to pay my premium and make sure that my new health insurance is indeed active, since they never sent me a bill or my health insurance card. But without the Affordable Care Act I would not be able to have health insurance, afford seeing a doctor when I’m more sick than rest and fluids can cure (6-week bout of sinusitis with a bronchial cough to boot, that was fun). For those of us who cannot get health insurance through their work, or who cannot afford to pay for health insurance without government subsidies, the Affordable Care Act is a godsend.

“The repeal of the Affordable Care Act, the goal of Republicans in Washington, would cost New York state $3.7 billion and strip 2.7 million residents of health coverage, Governor Andrew Cuomo said on Wednesday.”


Full article here.


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