DutchNews: Geert Wilders’ PVV stretches lead in latest poll of polls, Seven in 10 don’t know who to vote for in March general election

Sigh. This populist party upsurge is a global phenomenon, though I like to hope it’s a last clutch at a forward-moving world. I do envy the Dutch their parliament system, that the other parties can form a coalition against the PVV. Although we also have a coalition of multiple sub-parties, they just exist under the larger umbrella parties. Green, Working Families, Progressives and Independents under the Democratic Party, and Tea Party, Christian right, Conservatives, “alt-right” (Nazis) and Neoconservatives under the Republican Party.

Stay strong, Netherlands!

“The anti-immigration PVV has stretched its lead over the right-wing Liberal VVD in the latest poll of polls, with three months to go before the general election, broadcaster NOS reported. The poll of polls is an amalgam of five separate opinion polls and shows Geert Wilders’ party would take 31-37 seats in the 150 seat parliament if there was a general election tomorrow. That means the anti-Islam campaigner has the support of between 20% and 25% of the electorate.”

“With seven weeks to go before the March 15 general election, 70% of voters still have no idea who to vote for, the AD said on Thursday. Parties are becoming more similar and voters are taking longer to make up their minds about who to support, the paper said. There are 150 seats in the lower house of parliament.”

Full articles here and here.


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