PF: Trump is a Terrorist

THIS IS NOT NORMAL. This is not business as usual. This is a complete dismantling of our country.

What is Terrorism but a form of extremism that seeks to impose limitations on the rights of its own people driven by fanatical religion? It hit the Middle East first, but we were blind to see that this cancer was spreading in all of our countries worldwide through the form of populism. It’s hit The Philippines, France, The Netherlands, England, and The United States. When a small percentage seeks to impose their closed-minded views that would fight women’s rights, healthcare, LGBTQ rights, education, and foreign relations we have to call it like we see it, and it is terrorism. When people within our own country open fire on groups of innocent people because of their race or gender identity, it is terrorism. Trump, his worshippers, and the people blindly supporting him without any respect of the majority of the people of this country are terrorists. This isn’t coming from refugees or illegal immigrants, open your eyes. It comes from within, and it is a global epidemic.

This was published by The Nation last week, and while I’d been mulling this hypothesis for a while, I am not absolutely certain that this faction within the Republican party is nothing short of a Terrorist group.

Hillary Clinton has a similar view of Republicans and terrorism.

And I was very pleased to see that George Takei and I seem to be on the exact same page.

Wake up America, we are better than this. We cannot let this terrorist cancer take over our country. We cannot harm our long established foreign alliances.


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